Summer of Success
Improve your life with The Power of Your Heart!
This 5-week empowerment program explores how the relationship you have with yourself affects your health, career, relationships, prosperity and more.
♥  Learn why self-love matters
♥  Explore how you see yourself
♥  Create a positive self-concept
♥  Integrate self-care
♥  Enhance your relationships
♥  Eliminate limiting beliefs
♥  Discover what brings you joy
♥  Awaken your authentic self
Discover the power of self-love and its amazing impact on all areas of your life! Share and express your feelings without judgment. Receive guidance, insight and support to enhance and strengthen your self-relationship. Empower yourself with valuable tools, strategies and solutions to help you move forward with clarity, confidence and grace.
Individual or group program consists of a series of 5, 90-minute weekly workshops. $575 per person.
Each week receive guidance, exercises and homework to further support integration and understanding of key concepts.

Self-love is essential to satisfaction and success in every aspect of our life.
With self-love, anything is possible!

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