"Tanya Wallace is a woman who came into my life at a time when I was least expecting it. I saw her advertisement in an awakenings magazine and was drawn to her. I knew after speaking with her over the phone that she was going to play an important role in my life and that she did. As Tanya and I met we discussed what I wanted; which was to live a more fulfilled life, to be more present in moments and take care of me in order to better take care of others. This was a key area that I had touched the surface of on my own; however Tanya took me to another level in our time together. I had no idea in the beginning what I was about to uncover on this journey with Tanya...

Tanya has a gift of intuition and knowing; she is compassionate and honest in her approach. She and I connected on many spiritual levels. Tanya helped me understand why I made the choices I did in the past and how they have led me to who I am today. She guided me into 'seeing' for the first time that those choices I made were to help me survive those situations at that time. I had significant moments of clarity in our time together. With those moments of clarity, I was able to piece together why those moments were necessary and could then begin to let go of and move forward in my path of healing. I was able to let go of the control I felt I needed to survive and allowed myself to move into a more peaceful existence with the help of mediation and mind full practices.

In 6 short months, Tanya transformed my life. With her own intuition, she felt my experiences and knew where I was headed before I even knew it. Tanya is much more than a coach; she is a spiritual counselor, a teacher and to some a friend. Tanya guides by listening and asking questions, it is you who does the work. She will help guide you to trust yourself and hear what you already know and feel inside of you. To lean into your intuition, which is a powerful tool in all situations. Tanya helped me to understand that I no longer needed to stay invested in a relationship that was no longer serving me, that was holding me back from my path to enlightenment.

With Tanya’s help, I have made great strides towards my own personal goals and made some significant changes in my life. She gave me the courage to see deep within myself and gave me a gentle push to take the steps I needed to be on my own and allowed me to understand that I am me and that is, indeed enough. "  ~Amy M.

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